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Webmaster Tools

A webmaster needs tools. Mozilla offers many of those tools on their MDN, Mozilla Developer Network. The site is available in several different languages making it possible to be used on an international level. It is possible to edit and contribute information to the site keeping it up to date and current on a regular basis.

After the courses are over

The course is over, you’ve studied the trends and you are ready to look for opportunities with an agency.  It has been said that Auckland is a good place to go for web designer jobs.

Modules available

  • Borders
  • Backgrounds
  • Color
  • Text Effects
  • User Interface
  • Selectors
  • Basic box model

In the meantime

Scour through the code at MDN, you’ll find the single most comprehensive web based design library in the world.

Learning CSS Section

Choose the function learning CSS section and you can go straight to an online based educational system that will help you to verify and hone your skills. Technology is out of date by time it has made it to the consumers home, it is often the same with code. Just as you’ve learned one skill a new form has popped up. This is one of those careers you just have to stay on top of, and this is one of the best websites to help you do that.

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript you know these words already. Start with the basics, HTML and CSS to begin. Then move on to scripting in things like JavaScript and Web Api’s. Once you’ve mastered that it’s time for the graphics SVG and WEBGL and when all that is said and done you can move onto MATHML for good measure.

Tutorials and Web developer Guides

Trial and error, learning through experience. Most web designers have built several of their own sites before they venture out into the “real” internet looking for action. Tutorials and Guides help to learn the most and the fastest MDN has an awesome selection of documentation just waiting for you to pour through it.



What makes this website so great is the feedback option. You have the chance to both leave feedback and read through the feedback in order to improve your skills.


It cannot be said enough, web design is an ever developing topic and every time you think you know everything someone comes along who knows just a bit more than you. That is why webmaster forums are one of the most important web developer tools available. Pick their brains, share your knowledge. Have the chance to talk to developers around the world, be the sounding board for another and develop your skills one awesome website at a time.