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Google Webmaster Tools

When you search the web you’re going to find more information than you need regarding webmaster tools. One of the most used tool systems in Google Webmaster Tools, because its free and its easy!

Beginners Guide

Google offers a great free SEO kit and Kissmetrics will teach you all about it and why it is the way to go!



  • Optimize marketing
  • Track
  • Analyze
  • Optimize

Great Web Design

Kissmetrics offers some really simple and easy code. As a webmaster you’ll know how to get into it just buy visiting the page. Searching through the code, seeing how the site was built will give you some great ideas for developing your own projects.


The thing about working on the internet, is that you don’t actually need to leave your house. You can, it is possible to have a webmaster job that requires you to put on pants and go outside. However it is not necessary. That’s the great thing about webinars as well. They are like seminars, but then from the comfort of your very own desk chair. Pants optional!




Once you’ve created your first site you’ll want to analyze the traffic to optimize the desired results. Kissmetrics offers a great analytical program that will give you in depth details about the traffic on your site. You’ll be able to investigate and make changes accordingly.


A website that is not engaging its users is ultimately a waste of time. Engagement involves things like people talking on your site, about your site and even buying things from your site. In short, once you’ve analyzed your site and checked out the engage status, you’ll be that much closer to managing a high traffic site.

Codeless Analytics

You’ve written the code of your dreams for your site, maximized your CSS and HTML. That’s the great thing about Kissmetrics, you won’t need to write code for the analytics. You’ll be able to set it up and track it all with minimal effort.

Optimize Efficiency

Kissmetrics is a site that offers the beginning webmaster amazing insights into the results of the project they have created. To be certain that your site functions as it is supposed to, and attracts the right kind of traffic you need to learn a bit about analyzing. The blog on Kissmetrics is a comprehensive blog covering pretty much every topic you’ll want to obtain information about.

Request a Demo

When you’ve read through the site, and you have learned all you can you’ll find yourself ready to move on to the next phase. Testing the solutions. So give them a call, and request a demo of their products. You certainly won’t regret it!