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It’s all about community

GitHub is one of those places where developers gather to build personal projects and work together on open source technologies. A great place for business support it is a membership based community. Memberships start at $7 per month for a personal membership and get as high as $21 per month.

Free for the public and open source projects

When you visit GitHub make sure you Explore GitHub! There is so much open source amazingness happening here you won’t even know where to look!

Trending Topics

Follow the newest up to date and current trending topics in the field by exploring GitHubs trending section. Topics on CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP and more. You will never be behind the times again by going through this list once a day or so.

Web Development

The code on this site is interesting as it offers a great e-commerce build. Using CSS gives you the opportunity to change the look and the feel of the site easily and adapt it to your own goals and purposes.


  • Code
  • Collaborate
  • Ship

Collaborate on powerful integrations

It’s a recurring theme in the web development world, that idea of working together and building on the global community. GitHub takes it one step farther by giving you the possibility to use your favorite tools with the website to get the best results from you and your awesome team!


Sometimes reading the information available  just doesn’t cut it, so CSS-tricks offers a selection of video tutorials to help you on your way. Sometimes just hearing it explained makes it all sink in just that much better.


Open Source

Open source software is free to use and explore, it is the property of the global community, no one owns it and everyone can use it. Get involved in the open source movement to either perfect your skills or be the part of history in the making, and get involved in big projects around the globe!

The open source community on GitHub gives you the opportunity to follow open source projects. To contribute your skills to the future of software development, you can build from scratch or you can build on the ideas of others.

It’s a global market, web design is. It offers a chance to anyone who is willing to learn, it is work that can be done from anywhere in the world. It’s the kind of work that dreams are made of.

So get learning, and get developing!

So you want to know which of the sites are the most MUST SEE sites for beginning webmasters. www.github.com is definitely on the top of the list.