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What is a webmaster?

A webmaster holds many titles and vary within companies.  Overall the web master is a person who builds and/or manages the content of an employer or client’s site.   Webmasters are also known as web publishers, web authors, web developers, etc.

What advice would you give to beginning webmasters?

Learn as much as you can from professionals in the industry.  Try to expand your skills as much as possible with various building, designing, and development tools.  Use as many resources as possible to push your creativity and make web development and designing easier.  Read as many blogs and news segments as possible, many of these are led by professionals who have decades of experience in the industry.  Browse around, there are many articles on the site that cater to beginning webmasters.

What are some good web building sites to use?

WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix are some very good sites to use.  They have been used many times to create blogs, portfolios, and sites for corporate business and brands, for artists, and people from various professions.  Weebly, although not as popular, has a lot of potential and resources to build great sites.   Check out our articles, such as 5 Inspirational Squarespace Sites, to see amazing sites that have been built.

What are good web development blogs?

Six Revisions, Smashing Magazine, Speckyboy, Fresh Cup, and A List Apart are very good web building blogs that are written by respected professionals in the industry.  They cover topics such as JavaScript, Ruby Rail, CSS, design and more.  For more, read Top 5 Web Development Blogs for Beginning Webmasters.

What are good web design blogs?

Creative Bloq, Boagworld, Usability Geek, Design Your Way, Tutorialzine are also ran by professionals with years of experience. You will find tutorials, resource lists, and articles about usability, typography, themes and more.  For more, read the article 5 Web Design Blogs for Beginning Webmasters.

What is minimalism, and why are designers and developers using the theme for so many sites?

When some people think of minimalism, they thing of bare and boring.  Minimalism does not always mean bare and boring, especially on the World Wide Web.  It means functionality, focus, clean design, finding the right color scheme, and attractiveness.  Minimalism embraces the idea that less and more.  Well designed and developed minimalist sites do not use a lot of visual elements, but they are still able to attract the eye and make the purpose of the site known.  To see examples of well-designed minimalist sites, read the articleMinimalist Websites for Beginning Webmasters to be Inspired By.

Isn’t minimalism all black and white?

Minimalism does involve color, but the point is to not have too much color as it could cause a distraction.  To see examples of sites incorporating color themes, read the article Minimalist Websites for Beginning Webmasters to be Inspired By.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me through the site.  I can answer your question directly, on this page, or may even create an article about it.