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Webmaster is just a fancy word for web designer


A soft blue colored website with 1970’s style rainbows and clouds, the design of this site is less chaotic as some of the others. Even without the chaos and the overload of text, this site has everything you need to know about css3. It even says so in the header.


Check out the CSS3 Preview Tab

On top of the page there are several tabs to follow. For starters have a look at the CSS3 Preview tab. This page intends to showcase some of the newer functions and features being considered for CSS3.

Modules available

  • Borders
  • Backgrounds
  • Color
  • Text Effects
  • User Interface
  • Selectors
  • Basic box model


CSS Selectors Test

Sometimes you may need to test your browser to find out if it is compatible with a large number of small tests which will determine compatibility.

15 people

At least 15 people put time and effort into building, managing and maintaining this site. There efforts come in handy to the beginning designer looking to further his  knowledge of a diverse selection of CSS3 options.


Webmaster Tools

If you happen to be searching for webmaster tools, you may come across several webmaster forums. This site offers you just that, a place to come together and build your skills to  become a webmaster. Visiting this website will help you build web design templates for any web design company you may be lucky enough to land a job at.

W3school.com Tutorials

The best way to learn is to do. Trial and error teaches you skill. It teaches what works, and what doesn’t. This must see website offers you a giant tutorial section to work on and test your skills.  There are tutorials on subjects such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, HTML Graphics, Server Side Web Building and XLM Tutorials.

Web Design Blog


This website offers a great view of web design trends as they are developing. That is the plus of working with so many people on one site. If one person misses the newest web design trends of 2016 the next will catch the trend and post it accordingly.



Some of the best web design practices cannot be taught in school. The best place to find and learn these skills is via one of the many webmaster forums online. Being a webmaster is a challenging job, it is one that will require you to hone your communication skills and e-commerce knowledge.

Google webmaster and you’ll find a series of guidelines for creating and designing that jump right out at you.  If you’re lucky you’ll find sites like CSS3.com which give you in a nutshell all the information you’ll need to make your webmaster dreams a reality.

If you design it, they will come.