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So many websites, so little time


The next website on our list is W3schools.com First impressions are initially an abundance of text and information. It is however, very useful information and once you’ve made it this far into your web design career you probably know what some of this information means, which means you will be less overwhelmed by someone who knows nothing about web design and code.


The focus here is also coding. HTML,CSS, Javascript, SQL and PHP to name a few. Just follow the links on the header to learn about your coding language of choice.

Coding Languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • XML


Cascading Style Sheets offer you the option to change the complete style of a website simply and efficiently.  It saves time, work and ultimately money.


HTML is used for creating your own website. There are many tutorials online that will teach you about coding in HTML.


PHP is a server scripting language, that can also be used for creating powerful, dynamic and interactive websites. It is easy to learn and once mastered, easy to use.

W3school.com Tutorials

The best way to learn is to do. Trial and error teaches you skill. It teaches what works, and what doesn’t. This must see website offers you a giant tutorial section to work on and test your skills.  There are tutorials on subjects such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, HTML Graphics, Server Side Web Building and XLM Tutorials.

The World’s Largest Web Developer Site


W3schools.com offers an extremely comprehensive reference guide. It is like the Library of Congress, but then for web design. Anything you could want to know you can find in the reference library. There is even an entire section on HTML Charsets.



Sometimes, in order to understand something you need to look at it. To observe the details in specific examples. The more examples you see the better understanding you achieve. This website understood that and built a massive selection of samples. Everything from Server Side examples like ASP, PHP and ASP.Net examples. If that isn’t enough then don’t forget to check out the XML, HTML/CSS examples.  There is enough for everyone. jQuery, JavaScript and Xpath are all there for your researching needs. When all else fails, and you have exhausted the dropdowns and navigation bars, there is also an awesome forum for you to get involved in.


The comprehensive w3school forum is the perfect place to ask whatever question you just can’t seem to find the answer to. This forum has everything you could need on topics as wide as cold fusion and multimedia questions.  Often times we find guys in forums just talking about anything and everything, it’s a kind of social gathering place, the bars and libraries of today’s world where people can come together and help each other to make the most of shared knowledge and skill.