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6-bernalThe web has always fascinated me.  I remember when dial up was still a thing, and you had to get of the internet just to get a call through.  I think the internet was my parents’ worse nightmare.  Not because of what was on the net, but how much time I spent on it.  I remember wondering what the physical form of the World Wide Web would look like.  I also remember being fascinated by some of the sites created, although looking back now some were actually pretty bad.  Anyway my obsession of the internet let to being my major in college.

I felt so cool when friends and other students would look over my shoulder to see what I was writing.  All the coding and logistics made others look at me as if I was a scientists or some kind of web god, which is what it felt like.  Learning to code and design and seeing the fruits of my labor game me such pride.  I was sure I would have no problem making it in the industry and will be able to compete with the best, which became true later on in life.

Being a beginner webmaster was hard. Many people were either already in the field with years of experience ahead of me or were entering the field with me.  The industry then and now is extremely competitive.  To be able to compete, I had to build upon my skills and learn from those who came before me.  Even after I have learned some of the ropes, it was still highly competitive for me.  There were many lessons and skills I had to learn before I got to the position I am in today.

I created this blog for beginners and other professionals like me who are still learning the ropes in the industry.  Many sites do not cater to this audience specifically, and it is a shame sometimes.  I want to share my experiences and knowledge with self-made designers and developers and recent college graduates.  Wandering around on your own without a proper mentor can be confusing sometimes, and I want myself and this site to be a mentor to you.  The best way to succeed in this industry is to learn from those who had become before you.  I want you to succeed and be able to compete with me and others in my field.

On this site, you will find sites to draw inspiration from, tips, articles about resources and other blogs and much more.   I want this to be a go to site for those who feel like they have still much to learn regardless of how many years they have under their belt.  I want this to be a blog where beginning webmasters, and those who are a little more seasoned, can turn to for insight about their career.

Please, feel free to roam, comment, and discuss about any articles or topics on this blog.  I would love to hear your opinion and insight.