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QuirksMode is another one of those lovely, well designed must see websites for beginning webmasters. It is a page that is still in development and will soon replace the old master page that was previously available.

The Table of Contents

A comprehensive table of contents links you to all the information you may require. From selectors to counters, it is all available on this great easy to read site.


The index offers all selectors, properties, values and units in alphabetical order, making it clear and concise in its instructions.

Future Plans

Peter-Paul Koch is the designer of this site and he seems to have a wonderful case of design OCD. Everything is neatly organized and easy to find, all the way down to his future plans. Animations to fonts, the designer has a plan and it is very easy to see.

Site functions on donations

The designer has been working for as long as 15 years on web design and the like quirksmode functions solely off of donations so that he can continue to make free content and still pay his bills.

As if basic web design wasn’t enough

The Mobile Web handbook is also available on this site. It offers insight into the mobile world, browsers, viewpoints, CSS and much, much more. It is a must see for all beginning mobile web designers.


Peter-Paul Koch

This guy is a genius. If you want to learn about being a web designer this is the guy to teach you. Internationally renowned for his browser compatibility research and his publications. He also founded Fronteers, the Dutch association of front end professionals. He had worked as a professional front end engineer since 1998 and eventually chose to go freelance. His skills as a teacher are extraordinary and in 2008 he stopped making websites himself so that he could focus on teaching others.


It is all about community. The internet has a way about it of bringing people closer together, and farther apart at the same time. We have mentioned it several times already but the best way to learn web design is trial and error. Also to learn from the people who came before you, and the people who came after you. The internet was designed as an outlet for exchanging information on an instant global scale. A good web designer knows this and uses it to his advantage. All of this information is taken into consideration while building the places of tomorrow on the web.

So you want to know which of the sites are the most MUST SEE sites for beginning webmasters. www.quirksmode.org is definitely on the top of the list.