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An advent calendar for web geeks? What?


The idea of an advent calendar, and all the lovely little chocolates inside, one for every day of the month of December fills the most little hearts with joy! So what a great idea to get the best out of sharing information!

24 Ways

The design of this sight is so simplistic and visually please it is a site you definitely need to check out for all your web mastering skills.

A few examples

  • Solve the hard problems
  • Make a comic
  • Beyond the style
  • Blow your own trumpet


Make your own Comic

Created by Rebecca Cottrell this is a great way to get Photoshop design tips in an easy and convenient way. Read, leave a comment, and most of all learn!

Solve the hard problems

Drew McLellan wraps up this year’s advent calendar with the hard questions, web design is not always an easy task, it  requires pit, and energy and downright determination. Let Drew help motivate you to overcome your biggest challenges!


Beyond the Style Guide

This option was put together by Paul Robert Lloyd, there is a fine line between patters and design systems. Visual design language has an intense effect on web style, particularly with the use of CSS reprocessing. This is the spot to be for the answers on this awesome topic!

Blow your own trumpet

Andy Clark is the writer developer of this little piece. Reminding us that sometimes we must be our own champions when communicating with potential clients. So take moment, read through here and hone those communications skills! Even the tech guys needs them!



Community! Community! Community!

The more you learn about web design, the more you’ll see that even those there is a position called Web Master, it’s actually a job done by an entire community of people. Through the use of the modern web, with thinks like email lists, chat rooms and forums, aspiring designers come together to learn, share and grow. It is what keeps the web growing every day into something living and breathing.  24Ways is the same in the sense that it allows the collaboration of designers on a global scale, it creates a platform  for sharing.  Isn’t that what the internet was designed for anyway? To share information in a quick and efficient way on both sides of the earth almost instantly?


Keep logging in and logging on. The internet is here to stay and it is only going to get bigger and better. It is an amazing tool once you learn to harness the power of it for you. Once you have mastered its medium, than you too will be the next Web Master.